Customer Database Management

Managing your customers has never been easier with our online CRM software.
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Try our customer database management software FREE for 2 weeks.

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Best Way To Get New Clients On Autopilot

As a business owner your focus is to run your business while new customers show up at your door or make appointments. Our customer database management software helps you get new customer appointments. Here are 3 ways it helps you save time.

Customer Management

Manage new customers or retain customers with our C.D.M Simplicity Software. This helps keep all your customer information safely in one place to send them appointment reminders, text messages, and emails. Shows you the amount of sales, missed opportunities, and customers who no show. It even follows up with them for you 😉.

Calendar Included

You don’t have to have different calendars to know what appointments you have. This feature is included to show you the customers that are coming in, who cancelled, and who did not show. You can even send the customer a text or email to have them choose the day and time they would like to come into your office. Or even what time their call is if you don’t have a physical location.

Marketing Made Easy

All of your marketing information made available in one place. If you’re running a Facebook Ad or sending out referral emails, it all shows up here. You can even create campaigns through our business management software to give you peace of mind that everything is running smoothly. All the new customers that sign up are stored in the C.D.M Simplicity software for you to access online from anywhere. Full communication between you and your customers all in one place.

Getting New Customers Shouldn’t Be Hard.

Any business that does not market fails. How will people buy from your business if they do not know who you are or what you do? There are many ways to get your business busy with calls. The best way to reach more people that is low cost is social media marketing & sending text or emails to have customers take action. Don’t be afraid to market because you will get busy, there are solutions for that. If you want to know what we can do for your business and getting new customers, click below to get a FREE consultation.

One Price. One Add-on Option.

Our system has the word Simplicity because we make it simple for all of our customers. We provide you 2 simple options.

*You are billed for the text messages sent/received. Usually in $20 increments which covers A LOT of text messages.

"Opportunities don't happen. You create them."

– Chris Grosser

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