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We know you wear many hats in your business. We can help your business reach more customers, so you can focus on running your business.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social networks is used by everyone, literally. You need a strong social media brand to let customers know you exist. Your customers are always online, why not show them you are too.

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Did you know that by knowing who your ideal customer is, we can help you market to them which increases your opportunity to sell more of your services? We have help businesses reach the customers they want. Which are those you ask? The ones that buy your services. Click the title or here to view our packages for social media marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a must for every business. It helps you to get seen by more people on Google. Being on the first page of google is time consuming, but we have the time to help you.

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Everyone uses Google to search. This includes you as well right? So when people do a search in google, in example, Plumber near me, Google will show the companies that have the best SEO on the first page. Not many people click the second page when they do a search because we are all in a hurry. We just want to view the top companies on the first page and keep it moving. That is what Search Engine Optimization is, or better known as SEO. We are great on doing SEO. Get your business on the first page of google and stop losing business. Click the title or here to view our SEO packages.

Real Time Stats

We keep an eye on your marketing and website performance to make sure everything we are doing is working. We provide all of our customers a monthly report.

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Marketing can be a hit or miss thing. But if you don’t do marketing for your business, your business will not thrive. Tracking how the ads for your business is very important. Many businesses have the fear that marketing will cost them a lot of money and will cause the business to fail. There has been businesses that have failed because of marketing, you are right. But only because it was not done the right way and the business failed to adapt as time goes by. Things change, and the business need to change along with the way marketing is done. We provide our clients a monthly report of what it’s working, and what needs to be adjusted. Remember, you know who McDonald’s is, but they are always marketing to you. They know the more they market, the higher the chance for you to go buy fast food for you or the kids. Schedule a FREE consultation with us today! Click here.

Website Design

In today’s world, if you are not online, you are not getting business. We design a new website. But no one likes old, ugly websites as well, so we can also re-design you a fresh design to impress you future clients.

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If someone told you that a website is what will help you get sales, they lack experience of the purpose of a website. Yes, you may get some customers because of your website, but it is not intended for you to find new customers. A website is to show your brand, and to show that you are a legitimate business. You can have a website, and not get any customers if you don’t send traffic, which means send customers to view it. Our designs are made to give your business a clean look and close those customers that do visit your website. Click the title or here to view our packages.

Local Online Marketing

If you run a local business and you need to reach local customers, then you need local marketing. Marketing locally online is more effective and cost less than having a billboard in one spot.

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Have you ever attended local networking groups to meet new individuals or keep long time business relationships? Do you do this so you can get referrals or new customers? We’re sure it’s very time consuming right? Did you know that it would be more effective to just do local marketing to the customers you want walking into your business or to buy online? We can help you get more of the customers you want buying from you by doing local marketing for your business. Click the title or here to view our packages.

Email Marketing

Have a large email list that you want to reach out to? We do great email marketing to get you referrals, reviews, or sell your other services.

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Do you collect email address and phone numbers from all of your customers? If you don’t, you need to start ASAP. Marketing to customers via email or text messages can be very effective. We have a strong track record with marketing to customers via email or text messages. The marketing ideas are endless. You can send one email to all of your customers personalized with their names asking them for referrals. Or you can send them an email of a sale that you have going on. The possibilities are endless! Schedule a FREE consultation to go over on how we can help you get more customers by doing Email or Text marketing. Click here to schedule a call.

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