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Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Some realtors say they have a slow season in the East Coast. During winter not many people are buying homes. But how come some realtors are busy all year long? Why are they busy and your home sales slow down? Well, let's take a look deeper into this.

Are You Keeping Up With The Times?

Do you have social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Pinterest account? Do you even have a website? No, your company having a website does not count. I mean your own personal website letting people know you are a realtor and that you have listings available? If you have less than half of those things I just mentioned, then you are behind my friend.

Trust and believe that those realtors that are busy, are either doing something about it themselves, or have a marketing agency like Real Quality Marketing helping them. Now a days it's a full time job keeping up with so many different pages. Luckily you have someone to do it for you.

Marketing Ideas for Realtors

Okay so you have read a bit and just want me to get to the point right? What are some good marketing ideas for realtors? Well, if you have some of those social media pages I mentioned, it is good to regularly post your listings and closings with fun pictures. This will let all the friends your have know what you do and that you do it well.

So do you really need to have all those pages? Not really. But it is best to have the best 3, which is Facebook, Instagram, and your own website. You have to keep people engaged so they can see what you do and share to their friends what you do. I know referrals are great, but we can't count on referrals 100% right?

Another great marketing idea is the more challenging ones. If you post a picture on your Facebook business page, Facebook will tell you to boost your post so thousands can see it. When this is partially true, this can hurt your pockets. Why? Well, if you boost the post and 2,000 people see but they are all recent home owners, how does that help you? It doesn't help at all. You just threw money away. You have to show your ads to the right audience, which are potential buyers. Real Quality Marketing helps you target the right people so you can get better leads and make more sales.

This idea will keep you a bit busy for a while specially when you see that it works!

P.S. With every person you speak to about what you do, you should be getting their name, email, and phone number. This will help you target them later if they decide to not buy a home at that moment. Your welcome ;-).

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